Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: Bootstrap's Bootstrap

Anyone know which movie inspired my title?

Another simple wishlist this week, but this one comes with a story. A few weeks before Christmas, I headed to TJ Maxx with high hopes of finding some boots that would go with a range of outfits. If any of you have ever been to a store like TJ Maxx or Marshall's, you know that it's often a hit or miss. That's why I was surprised that less than five minutes into the shopping trip, I spotted a pair of tall suede boots in a gorgeous taupe color -- a muddy grey shade that's perfect for a variety of color palettes. The wedge heel was a bit taller than I wanted, but I was willing to overlook this provided the price was right.


I liked them even more after trying them on, but noticed the price tag had been scraped off the bottom of the right shoe. I asked an employee for help and waited patiently as she went to the register for a price check. You know where this is going...

She came around the corner a few minutes later and with a hopeful glance, I listened as she said "They're $19.99. We added a new price tag...Do you still want them?" I glazed over the fact that she hesitated as she asked that last question. "Yes, thanks so much," I said with a sigh of relief. Wow, only $20 for boots -- and these seem like they're good quality too, I thought. After she walked away, something prompted me to look again -- to double check this "too good to be true" scenario. I flipped the shoe over, and the red sticker on the bottom contained a bold $99.99 written in black marker. I misheard her -- simple as that. But it still hurt a little to place them back on the shelf. Considering the original retail price (~$150), they were a good deal -- just not a great enough deal to fit within our budget. Hey, one day I'll be able to afford a pair in each color. But until then, these beauties remain proudly on my wishlist. =)

What's on your list this week?


  1. Nooooooooooo! I hate when that happens!

    Tiles are on my wish list this week - two bathrooms being redone soon so it's decision time!

    1. My thoughts exactly! And I'd love to redo my bathrooms -- one of these days. Good luck. =)

  2. Sorry about the boots :-( On my wishlist - a new work wardrobe.