Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Fashion Tag

I've seen this everywhere, so I thought I'd tag myself because I like clothes and stuff.

1) How would you describe your style?
Oh, just some riveting medley that tiptoes gracefully from "classic chic" to "beachy bohemian." You know, the usual. ;) I like Coco Chanel for the luxury. Rachel Zoe for the boho.

2) What are your wardrobe staples?
Jeans (1 boot cut, 1 skinny); boyfriend tees from Target; dangly earrings; beautiful shoes in general ;)

3) Most expensive item in your closet?
Probably my white peacoat. I bought it at Macy's on Black Friday in 2008. Ironically, it wasn't on sale. It's still under $200 though. I'm always on a budget, what can I say?

4) Most wanted item?
A Chanel 2.55 -- black, caviar leather, silver hardware. There goes that budget...

5) Favorite Designer
Not sure, so let's go with Chanel. She's getting quite a bit of attention this post.

6) How much do you spend on clothes?
Some months, none. It's vastly different each month. Including shoes and accessories, it's never more than $200. And that's rare.

7) What are your favorite places to shop?
Forever 21, for the same reason that everyone else does: cute clothes for cheap. Sadly, cheap in price also translates to cheap in quality. I really want to start investing more money in key, classic pieces. I'm fine paying pennies for the trendy stuff. I also love H&M and Zara.

8) Favorite fragrance?
Miss Dior Cherie -- I love smelling like strawberry candy and caramel popcorn. =)

9) What's your favorite way to do your hair?
Considering that I only do my hair two ways (curly or straight), it's a toss up.

10) What is your go-to outfit when you have no idea what to wear?
See Question 2. =)

11) One fashion trend you wish would come back or stay?
Not sure. But I'll take this opportunity to complain about one trend that I wish would go away: the romper. I feel like these would only look good on me if I time-traveled back to preschool.

12) Show us the most prized possession in your wardrobe.
To preface this, I have a bit of a "thing" where I fall in love with a blouse, purchase it (bank account permitting), and then wait 3748 years to wear it. When you work from home, your daily wardrobe gets a little...unkempt. Here are the latest four additions to my closet, tags still intact:
When I do finally get around to wearing these, you can bet on an OOTD post. =)

13) Tag some people.
Joanna (Drizzle of Sunshine)
Jolene (Everday Foodie)
Vanessa (Gourmet Runner)
Gina (Fitnessista)
And anyone else who wants to dish about their fashion sense!


  1. Thanks for the tag--you are way more fashion forward than me, that's for sure! H&M has been my fave shop for years, until I moved to a place at least 2 hours away from one--horrible!

  2. Thanks for the tag! I'm excited to do this! I'm already planning things out! I'm like you with my shopping habits...Forever and Target are my go to for style for a cheapo price!

    Do you follow any fashion blogs? I think you might like Keiko Lynn! She has a boho feel!

  3. Vanessa: We got an H&M in my town about two years ago. It's hit and miss for me, but when it's a hit, it's a big HIT!

    Joanna: Can't wait to see your post! I follow a ton of fashion blogs (I'll probably do a post on that soon). And I love Just checked out Keiko Lynn's blog and LOVE it.

  4. Ooooooooh, you tagged me!!!! Fun!!!!! I will definitely participate in this - I LOVE fashion!!!