Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Oh Yeah, That...

Remember how I said I was excited to decorate my yesterday? I forgot that I have to unpack first.

Somebody send help.


  1. Oh, the dreaded unpacking:) But then the real fun will begin! I had a blast redecorating my new place; if fact, I enjoyed it so much that it's still a fun, ongoing thing;) xx

  2. Eeps! I hate unpacking! Good luck. Take it one box at a time! You can do it Vanessa!!

  3. @Jolene Thanks..I need it! =)

    @Ashley Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Got to love when packing becomes a "journey." ;)

    @Joanna The only thing that makes this kind of exciting is that we're using all of our wedding gifts for the first time. =)