Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Bright and Sunny

Now that we're still unpacking and living out of boxes all moved in, I'm ridiculously excited to decorate our new home. While I've always appreciated my mom's knack for interior design, terms like "modern minimalist" and "art deco" aren't really in her design vocabulary. Needless to say, I'm craving something a bit different for our home. No set plan yet, but here are the inspiration photos* I'm eyeing at the moment:

I'm really loving bright, sunny shades to go with our navy blue couches. We have a mirrored starburst piece (similar to the first photo) hanging above our white brick fireplace. We're working with tan walls -- which is way better than a stark white, so no complaints there. And I'm thinking of adding some paper lantern-like lights, mustard pillows and who knows what else... Ikea, here I come!

What's the color theme in your living/family room?

*I'm far too disorganized today to remember where I picked up these photos. If they're yours, and you would like me to take them down or credit you, please email me at swift.as.shadows@gmail.com


  1. I'm totally swooning over all these pictures!!! I love that color palate. Our bedroom is that baby blue color on the wall with accents of silver and black. My living room is french inspired with deep reds, browns, yellows, and some roth iron black!

  2. @Jolene - I love the mismatched look. It's so chic when done right!

    @Joanna - That sounds really awesome, especially the master bedroom color palette!