Monday, April 25, 2011

Weekend Recap: No Shame

Friday night: Mom's birthday party. I ate three too many pieces of focaccia bread. It is what it is.

Saturday: Visited the adorable niece and gave her an Easter basket filled with Gerber banana cookies, purple socks, a kitten beanie baby and a Cookie Monster book. She gave me a dozen drooly besitos for it. Love. Later that night the husb and I met his grandma, aunt and cousin at a local arcade/buffet type place for my 25th birthday (which is next week). Yes -- the place was full of ten-year-olds and sticky hands, but going there is a tradition. Plus, I rule at skee ball.

Sunday: Churchie. Family time. Agua de arroz. Coconut cupcakes. And an epic Easter egg hunt for ALL the grandkids. Forget the quarters and Skittles -- these plastic spheres were stuffed with five and one dollar bills. $16 later, and I'm completely unashamed. =) Here's my outfit of the day:

Again, mediocre iPhone photo because my camera sprouted legs and walked away. Hate it when that happens. ;)

Coral boyfriend tee: Target
Skinny brown belt: Forever 21
White lace skirt: Target
Long brown cardigan: American Eagle
Nude pumps (not pictured): Cathy Jean

What did you wear for Easter?


  1. Another cute outfit!
    I'm sad, I didn't get to partake in the egg hunt this's because I'm "too old"! Pffhhh! :p

    At least you got some cash! Good job!

  2. I wore a pretty Easter dress that I bought last year, specifically for this Easter!

    There is no such thing as too much focaccia.