Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Inspiration Board

Earlier this year, I took the cue from Gina to make an inspiration board. Here's the finished product:

I tried to include everything on here -- from health/fitness to finances to fashion/makeup. The result is one very glittery, colorful, all-encompassing collage. Cheesiness aside, hanging this up on my wall has really helped me reach my goals and figure out who the heck I am. =)

One thing this little board can't fix, however, is the sad fact that my birthday Disneyland trip may not work out. It's our *special* place, and we haven't been since our honeymoon in 2009. But we can't really justify spending a bunch of cash on three nights in a hotel if we're already spending money on two-day hopper passes. Our friend lives close, but she'll be out of town this weekend. Bummer of all bummers. =( Sorry to be a downer...it's just top of mind right now.

At least I have a four day weekend ahead! =)

Have you ever made an inspiration board?
What's your favorite Disney movie and why?


  1. Awww, I'm sorry about Disneyland Vanessa. I live about 40 minutes away and would offer my place but we don't have a spare bed in our guest room. That, and the fact that we just met 5 blog posts ago. Do you want me to search around my city for cheap hotels?

    I never got around to finishing my inspiration board. I have everything cut out but not glued... bad me!

  2. I love The Little Mermaid, because the music is awesome!

  3. @Joanna No worries girl. Just found out that we're going after all! I'm insanely excited. And yah, that would be kind of strange to crash at your place only having met 5 blog posts ago. 10 I can understand. But 5? No. ;)

    @Jolene That's my favorite too! I want to BE Ariel! =)