Friday, April 22, 2011

Earth Day OOTD

I had major plans to deck myself out for Earth Day in blue and green...but time got in the way. And my love of butterflies. And the pizza that arrived right when I was about to pick out my clothes. But there's nothing wrong with going for an old standby. Slouchy top, bright tank, sequins, comfy jeans. Yep, it's the weekend.

Apologies for the poor quality photo and messy setting. Oh, and the wrinkled shirt. But I used Instagram, so that makes up for it -- right? ;) I was left to take the photo myself, so that's why the bottom half is missing. Ah well...such is life. We all know what boot cut jeans and mismatched socks look like anyway. ;)

Off to go celebrate Con-dizzle's birthday! That's my mom's name. Don't wear it out.


  1. You're too cute! Great outfit pick for Earth Day! I never thought of making it fashionable but I might have to try that next year.

    Instagram makes everything better! Rock it girl!