Thursday, April 21, 2011

Simplicity List: Babbling Brook

It's Thursday...Thursday. Raise your hand if that song is still stuck in your head. The end of the work week is near, and here's my latest simplicity list to get your weekend off on the right foot:
  •  Pecan pralines
  • "Where the Heart Is"
  • When my cat wiggles her booty right before she pounces on her favorite mouse toy
  • Hot coffee with cinnamon and stevia
  • Stretching after a run
  • The term "babbling brook"
What are some simple things that make you happy?


  1. UGH! I hate that song. The Rebekah Black one right? I was planning a post about horrible songs today and that was one of them.

    My favorite little thing from your list is stretching after a run...holy moly hurts so good!

  2. Oohh..can't wait to hear your list of horrible songs. Don't you think there are some songs that borderline between horrible and awesome though? That's another list altogether!

  3. haha yes you're right. But they are all entertaining in one form or another. I was going to make a list today but got sidetracked. I really wanted to post this song by Lil B (Hate him) called Wonton Soup, because I made wontons yesterday. Youtube's HOR-RI-BLE!