Monday, November 22, 2010

Simplicity List: Afternoon Tea

For tradition's sake, and in the spirit of Thanksgiving, here's a list of simple things that make me happy lately:

  • Drinking tea. I get a new flavor every time I'm at the grocery store. Celestial Seasonings Gingerbread Spice is my favorite so far
  • The pretty tumbler I use to drink said tea
  • The fact that turning on the TV in our room makes the whole room warmer. So we get to watch a movie and stay warm while we're at it!
  • Filling up a work notebook
  • Finally being able to see the bottom of both hampers
  • Browsing through Christmas decorations at Target
  • Painting my nails and using glitter on my ring fingers
  • The thought of biting into an Andes Mint. Haven't bought any yet...
What's on your list this month?


  1. I love Celestial Seasonings Pumpkin Spice Tea. Yummy. And the thought of you and I hanging out soon makes me very happy, too.

  2. Didn't know they had Pumpkin Spice! I'll look out for that next time. =)