Monday, October 10, 2011

Simplicity List: Tree Sweater

I'm overwhelmed by your response on my last post, and am flattered you stopped by to read my words. My hope is that you "sit and stay a while." =) Speaking of sitting, a slight knee injury has left me sedentary for the last week. After consulting Dr. Google, my "expert" self-diagnosis is Runner's Knee, a blanket term for any sort of knee injury caused by pounding the pavement. I didn't realize what a sanity-saver running is for me, so I'm counting down the days until I can take off down the street again (five). In an effort to lift my spirits (and hopefully yours too), here is a list of simple things that have been making me happy lately:
  • A whirlwind trip to the city with friends -- and seeing a phenomenal show
  • Drinking hot chocolate (with two packets of cocoa) in bed while I flip through a magazine
  • The way my grandma showers me with "I love you's" at the end of our phone conversations
  • When trees wear colorful knitted sweaters 
  • The way blown-out candles around the house never fail to make me crave birthday cake
  • Sorting through old photos and letting myself get lost in the memories for a bit
I'm curious. What are some simple things that have made you happy lately?


  1. One of the top things making me happy right now is sports. It's football and hockey season, so I am in LOVE.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  2. I got this oversized sweater top at LOFT the other day! It goes with everything! It's perfect!


    Erin @

  3. Simple things that have made me happy lately:

    - A glass of wine
    - A massage from my husband
    - Sleeping in