Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Simplicity List: Sleepy Eyes

Here's a list of simple things that have made me happy recently:
  • Discovering new kinds of cucumbers (Armenian and Lemon to be exact)

  • That "sleepy-eyed" feeling you get after an exhaustingly fun day

  • Harry Potter marathons with my baby sister

  • The end result after a weekend house-cleaning frenzy

  • Florence & The Machine Pandora while I make dinner

  • My husband's hugs when I'm sad

What on your Simplicity List this week?


  1. Great simple things! I love Florence and the Machine, absolute favorite!

  2. All of these are great! Good find with those cucumbers! I'm intrigued! And yes.. My husband's hugs when I'm sad are heavenly.

  3. Seeing the Northern Lights in the city sky last night was a simple amazing sight.