Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Simplicity List: Fresh Berries

About to head out for my first run in two months. While I'm gasping for air on my ever so difficult 1.2 miler*, I thought you might want to read a list of simple things that have made me happy lately:
  • The scent of jasmine wafting through the open windows during my work day
  • The way fresh berries taste
  • The way fresh berries look
  • Getting packages in the mail
  • The thought of a three-day weekend
  • Sore, post-workout muscles
  • Rain in June (it poured yesterday and I loved it)

What simple things are striking your fancy these days?

*Totally not a joke. I have a feeling that 60 days of no running will translate to "holycrapI'mgoingtodieIwanttogohome"


  1. One simple thing I was feelin' today was the fact that it was hazy this morning. The sun wasn't out until late morning which allowed me to sneak in a quick run before the heat got to me!

  2. I hope your run was great! I mentioned you in my post today!

  3. Black coffee is always one of my favourite of life's simple pleasures.