Tuesday, March 15, 2011

DIY: Glitter Shoes

I've had my eye on the Steve Madden glitter flats for a while, but was turned off by the price tag (about $55) and the chunky glitter. Exhibit A:

I appreciate glitter in all shapes and sizes, but for this shoe, I preferred a rainbow microglitter (yes, I know...a petty problem to have). Think a grown woman can't rock sparkly shoes? I beg to differ (as long as the rest of your ensemble is toned down), but I'm not here to argue. Back to my dilemma: no affordable alternatives to the Steve Madden flats were to be found. Then, by the grace of Google, I found this post. I think the final product is so pretty -- especially for the $20 price tag. Here are some pictures of the progress. Detailed instructions can be found on the We Are Not Martha post. 

 Supplies: Glitter pack from Michael's, Mod Podge, clear acrylic sealer spray, foam brushes, etc.

My work station wasn't as messy as I thought, but you'll still need to whip out the vacuum afterward.

Here's the finished product:

I love them! Perfect for my birthday weekend. =) What do you think -- would you wear glitter shoes?


  1. So pretty and sparkly! I love all things glitter! Have you ever used Martha Stewart's glitter? Love it!

  2. Thanks Kate! When I went to Michael's for the glitter, I grabbed the Martha Stewart glitter, but put it back after I saw the $30 price tag. =( I grabbed a glitter sampler pack from another aisle instead, but I'll get the Martha one eventually (I think there's a coupon around here somewhere). =)

  3. The best time to get MS glitter is after a holiday. They make seasonal packages (shades of orange for fall, red/green for Christmas) which go on clearance after the season is over. That's how I started building my collection.