Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DIY Confetti Canvas

I'm always in search of ways to freshen up my living room. As the focal point of our home, it's both a center of relaxation and entertainment. So when I came across Mint Love Social Club's Kate Spade-inspired post on DIY confetti art, I was on board right away.

The finished product reminds me equally of champagne bubbles and shiny confetti that's just been thrown in the air. Either way, it's a party!

There's hardly an accompanying tutorial, since gluing dots onto a canvas is pretty self-explanatory -- but for the record, I followed the Mint Love Social Club method almost exactly. The only notable changes were the size of the canvases and the addition of silver dots. I also chose not to use a hole punch because of the device's $12 price tag -- a steep price for something I'd probably never use again. Instead, I relied on tracing circles and cutting them out with scissors (talk about hand cramps!). Here's what the canvases look like on my wall, though it's hard to capture their shine:

What the latest DIY project you've worked on?


  1. I am terrible at doing DIY projects ... so I don't usually attempt any. I did make a pinatta in the summer, which was probably the last crafty thing I did.

    1. A pinata?! That's so cool -- doesn't sound so terrible to me! =)