Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist: Plenty of Room on the Bookshelf

Another one-item wishlist this week:


When Kindles first made their debut, I scoffed at the idea of not being able to turn pages, or feel the weight of a book in your hands. But there's no getting around it -- these things are pretty cool. I'll always prefer actual books over their electronic counterpart, but I certainly wouldn't mind giving the Kindle a place on my bookshelf this year.

Do you use a Kindle, Nook or any sort of e-reader?


  1. I don't use a kindle, but I would if I read more books that way. However, I do use, to listen to audiobooks (I have a long commute to and from work). It was totally life changing for me:)


    1. I love Audible too. I first used it to get Tina Fey's Bossypants. While I don't commute, audiobooks and podcasts get me through a run. =)

  2. I've never used one, I love being surrounded by books so I think I'd find it hard to make the switch. Audible sounds good though - off the check it out : )

  3. No, I don't use an e-reader ... I might one day though!