Wednesday, February 8, 2012

I Confess: February 8, 2012

I discovered the Run With Me blog a couple of weeks ago, and have been hooked ever since. After reading some of her previous blogs, I took a cue from her "I Confess" post.

I confess... that I will avoid driving on busy, complicated downtown streets at all costs.
Parking spot at the train/subway station.

I confess... I haven't gone for a run since January 13th.
Right where I left them.

I confess... that I'm really bad at the whole "clean as you go" thing.
What my desk looks like by Friday.

I confess... I'm often conflicted about whether I'll work or stay at home when we have kids.
We'll cross that bridge when we come to it.

I confess... I bought this workout DVD weeks ago, and it's still in the package.
Sorry Jillian. Please don't yell at me.

Time for you to spill the beans! List some of your confessions in the comments below, or do a post on your own blog and leave the link.


  1. I'd like to steal this post and put it on my blog please. This is SO me, too! I fell ya on all of it. I CANNOT drive in downtown LA and when I have to, I panic all the way to my destination. It's SO scary!! I haven't been running in ages and I miss it. Jillian also scares me. I am infamous for stacking dishes. Then I get overwhelmed and hate myself for doing that. And being a stay at home mom sounds good to me. I HOPE I can afford to do that when the time comes.

    1. That's so funny Joanna -- guess we're two peas in a pod! =)

  2. This was great!! oh girl -I just sat in traffic for an HOUR to go 5 miles....please, shoot me! haha...and I generally let my whole closet pile up on my floor until the weekend ;)

    happy wednesday!!

    1. Eek -- I feel your pain Ashley! I'm traveling for work tomorrow during rush hour traffic. Thanks for stopping by the blog! =)

  3. Replies
    1. Thanks! Glad you stopped by the blog. =)

  4. i find 'clean as you go' quite difficult. i'm more of a clean after things pile up person.

  5. I confess that I haven't worked out in months!