Saturday, October 15, 2011

Favorite YouTube Channels

I first discovered the world of "YouTube gurus" in 2009. Little did I know that entering "how to do smokey eye makeup" into the website's search bar connected me to hundreds of people who made a hobby (or a living) out of teaching the rest of us how to put on makeup. Shortly thereafter, I discovered a similar community of fashion gurus. Then fitness. Then comedy. Then vlogs (video blogs). That's about how far my list goes, but there are many other types of YouTube personalities out there -- from chefs to singers. And for the record, I hate the word "guru."

Whether you need free workout routines, tips about what to wear to an autumn wedding or just want some comedic relief, check out this list of my favorite YouTubers and why I watch:

EmilyNoel83 - She's well spoken, does thorough product reviews and teaches you how to do a killer smokey eye (among hundreds of other makeup looks). I always learn something new when I watch her videos.
NaturesKnockout - This mother-daughter duo is focused on providing makeup tips and tricks with natural, organic products. This is another channel where I learn a lot -- especially about the chemicals found in most beauty products.

Carahamelie03 - This was the first fashion YouTube channel I discovered, and it's given me so many ideas ever since. She also does makeup tutorials, but her unique sense of fashion is the main reason I watch.
AnneOrShine - She never fails to make any outfit look chic. She updates frequently, and has a flair for unique videos, her most recent being one in which her husband chose her outfits and had to explain why.
HRHcollection - Her style is so refined and professional. The allure of her outfits is definitely in the quality of clothing and accessories. She splurges on classic pieces and keeps the trendy stuff affordable.


ToneItUp - I can't get over how much these girls devote to ensuring everyone has a place in their fitness community. They offer free workouts that leave me so sore and winded (in a good way!). They also have a nutrition plan available to purchase on their website.

SchuermanShow - There's something so funny and nice about watching other people live their lives, though not everyone will understand why people vlog. I suppose it's what "reality TV" is supposed to be. It's been fun watching this family share a part of their lives.

LeFloofTV (TheSacconeJolys) - Jonathan and Anna have recorded bits and pieces of their daily lives for a couple of years -- and it's nice to be able to share in the ups and downs with them. They recently recorded their marriage proposal video and I cried like a baby.

DailyGrace - What can I say? She's hilarious, albeit vulgar sometimes. Her Mon-Fri videos are pretty short, but what they lack in length, they make up for in pure comedy. It's because of Grace that I found out how delicious Bailey's is.

NicePeter - This is the most recent of my YouTube discoveries. He does a variety of videos, but I watch for the Epic Rap Battles of History, which are indeed epic. I mean, how could a rap battle between Dr. Seuss and Shakespeare NOT be? Also vulgar. Oops.

Do you watch YouTube videos? Which channels are your favorite?


  1. Great youtube picks! I love the fashion and the fitness in particular! I'm always doing yoga youtube videos in my bedroom!


    Erin @

  2. I watch SO many youtube videos. Usually I am watching music videos.