Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Haul: Forever 21, Lush, Whole Foods

This past weekend led me to a glorious city about two hours away. Glorious because the mall has a Lush and there's a Whole Foods down the street from said mall. Two places I unfortunately do without in my small town. It's probably for the better though...my wallet happens to appreciate the distance, you see. ;) But this weekend, my friend and I set out on a small spree anyway. Here are the goods:

Forever 21
Woven tunic in a rich cream (not available on website yet). I love billowy, romantic blouses like this -- especially since I've been on the hunt for an off-white one for quite a while. The polka dots are silky and in the same color as the rest of the top, which is nice. Sometimes dots on clothing are all too reminiscent of Minnie Mouse. And while I love me some Disney, I'd rather not look like a child. The tassels are a nice touch, but I wish they were a bit shorter. The crochet at the top is actually what discouraged me from getting this blouse at first. I had visions of my grandma's tablecloth. But I'm so glad I tried it on!


I first heard of Lush after watching a few YouTube videos on the "Mermaid Cocktail," a stunning concoction for your bathtub -- think softening, bubbly turquoise water with golden shimmer swirling throughout. More on that in another post. =) I was in the market to feel a little luxurious so I picked up a new bath bomb. Enter Dragon's Egg:

From the website: "As you bathe in the whirlpool of vibrant, fiery colour and inhale the refreshing sherbet scent of lemon and bergamot, you'll feel like you're up and away on the back of your own dragon...Turn off your cell phone, shut the bathroom door and make sure you`re firmly in the tub before dropping a Dragon`s Egg into your bath-because the spectacular explosion of sights, sounds and scents demand your undivided attention! This mystical bomb fizzes into long sparkly tangerine coloured curls and crackles with more fiery exuberance than a real dragon. Well, if they were real that is."

The best part is that there's a little bit of Sunnyside bubble bar nestled inside the Dragon's Egg -- making the water swirl with that signature golden luster. Here's a video from Lush so you can see it in action. Can't wait to use this! Next thing I got from Lush (thanks Ash!) was an MMM Melting Marshmallow Moment Bath Melt:

If that name doesn't envelop you in fantasies of cotton candy and frosting, I don't know what will. The actual bath melt smells absolutely gorgeous. From the website: "MMM melts into a pink, fluffy waterbed of marshmallow and moisturizing cocoa butter. Each Melting Marshmallow Moment is made with marshmallow herb, which produces a sweet, skin-soothing mucilage and marigold, which is equally calming for your skin. Mixing it with the Bath Bomb mixture means that Melting Marshmallow Moment goes the distance. It fizzes and melts slowly, releasing the softening, soothing cocoa butter and marshmallow into the water..."

Would make the perfect birthday bath, methinks. =)

Whole Foods
My obsession with WF began from afar. I kept seeing the name pop up on various blogs, but didn't have one near me to visit. When I finally set foot in the store last Saturday, I was embarrassingly giddy. Didn't let myself go too crazy, but I did pick up a few things I haven't seen at my local grocery store. Though I didn't photograph everything, here's my checkout list:

 ...was going to show you one, but I dun et 'em. They are kind of what I imagine Fitnessista's macaroons to be. The chai spice flavor was spot on, and I wish there were more than three in the package. The trip to WF also subjected me to the best pistachio gelato I've ever had (from the bakery/coffee area) -- super creamy and reassuringly gritty from the pistachios.

Question: Are you a window shopper, or a "gotta have it now" shopper? I was the latter, but am slowly becoming the former (as evidenced by my self-control during this last trip). I think I will always dislike window shopping, but am smart enough not to put myself in tempting situations very often. 

Wow...long post. Be back tomorrow with another (shorter) update on my health/fitness journey! =)


  1. I just moved to a small town, so I feel your pain! those bath bombs are amazing (i just watched that video) & i'm dyyyying to hit up whole foods or trader joes. the piggly wiggly's just not cutting it!

  2. I am a "gotta have it now" shopper!!! I worry that what I want might be gone if I wait.

  3. I LOVE Lush! Have you tried their Shampoo bars! I'm so addicted!

  4. @Lauren: I LOVE Trader Joe's -- a lot of the stuff is very affordable. =)

    @Jolene: I worry about that too! Shopper's logic.

    @Joanna: I've been curious about those, but I don't know if I can get on board with using a solid shampoo. Do they lather well?

  5. Yes! They lather like crazy! A little goes a LONG way! I highly recommend the blue one. I've gotten all my friends addicted!

  6. Ok..blue one it is! Who knows when I'll stop by Lush again, but I'll definitely try it out!