Thursday, January 21, 2010

Nice To Meet You

Judging from my last introductory blog post, I've been seriously slacking on this whole "write what you feel" thing. I've always found writing to be both irresistibly therapeutic and crazy stressful...probably because I can't ever climb over that huge mountain of writer's block in my brain. So let's start with the basics. My name's Vanessa. I love God and am thankful for the amazing family and friends He's given me -- enter the husband, parents, siblings and so on. I like fashion. And makeup. And reading. And cooking. And pretending I'm super fit and fabulous working out. That last one has been a terribly ignored part of my to-do list lately, so let's start with the clothes. Here are a few things my eyeballs have been glued to in the past few months:

I'll leave you with that. =)

P.S. I made Monkey Bread tonight. It was awesome.

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